About Us

Meet Sarah. Mom, marathon runner and Chief Captain of The TruKC. What started as a crazy idea on a long road trip, has transformed into a mobile shopping experience. She loves taking her 1985 Allegro on the road, bringing her treasures directly to you!

The name is a twist on the word truck, switching the “c” and the “k” to emphasize KC (Kansas City). The arrow was inspired by the Western Auto building downtown – one of Sarah’s favorite Kansas City icons.

What’s inside? Beautifully curated home decor, housewares, furnishings and apparel. One of Sarah’s favorite things is building relationships with local suppliers. She is proud to use her growing business to support other growing businesses.

The TruKC’s Transformation

Sarah was first was looking at stepvans (think UPS truck) but Nic suggested that an RV would be more functional and unique. Sarah loved the idea of having something with character so the search began for vintage RVs.

Her heart was set on a 1978 Holiday Rambler they test drove, as they shared the same birthday year. After paying a deposit and going to bank for cashiers check, was informed it was not running and would need major repairs. Heartbroken, but also thankful this happened before she owned it, continued her search for the perfect one and ended up finding a 1985 Allegro which she now proudly calls The TruKC.

Buying the Allegro was just the beginning! Sarah and her husband Nic spent countless hours transforming the TruKC’s interior and turning it into the beautiful space it is today.

Have a question? Give us a call 913-909-1901 or send an email.

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